Michigan Pistol Recording Change

House Bill No. 5520 signed by the governor on November 17, 2010 is effective February 15, 2011. This bill changes how the Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers record the purchase or other acquisition of pistols.
Currently, the form completed by a type 01 FFL dealer is an RI-9 Dealer License to Purchase a Pistol. Under the new bill, they will still need to complete an RI-9. However, the RI-9 will be titled “Dealer Purchase Record” and is available online at http://www.michigan.gov/msp/0,1607,7-123-1645_3500_4615—,00.html. (DPR form will not be posted until the morning of 2/15/11.)
There is no need for the dealer to apply at their local police agency for the form, have a background check, or have the form notarized.
The dealer can type directly on the Dealer Purchase Record on-line, and all four copies of the form will be completed. Or they may print it out and complete the forms by hand. When printing the forms, two pages with two copies on each page will automatically print. They should be cut in half and distributed per law.

The Dealer Purchase Record is to be completed in quadruplicate with the distribution being: one copy to the seller, one copy to the purchaser, and two copies sent by the dealer to the local agency copy within 10 days of
purchase/acquisition. The local agency should retain one copy and send the second copy to the Michigan State Police.
The form has been designed similar to the Pistol Sales Record for individuals. However, it requires the FFL number and the business name. If there is more than one pistol purchased on the same date from the same seller, dealers are still allowed to complete one form and attach the full list of guns to the form.

Local agencies must enter the gun information in the Automated Pistol Registration System if they have access to it. Programming changes have been made to accommodate the changes. Pistols purchased prior to 2/15/11 must be
reported on the Dealer License to Purchase forms. During the transition period, agencies will be able to enter both types of forms.

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