Message From The President

2012 has been an has been an active year for the Michigan Association of Firearm Retailers

After years of effort, our legislators finally passed legislation that reduced the legal definition of a pistol in Michigan from 30 inches down to 26 inches.

Why is this important?

First off it brings us into compliance with the rest of the country.  There are certain firearms that are classified as rifles in other states but Michigan recognized them as pistols. Some firearms had to be returned or transferred to FFLs in other states, increasing paperwork and wasting money and time.  In addition previously those firearms fewer than 30 inches in length also had to be sold as a handgun requiring a permit to purchase and inhibiting sales.

Our next legislative challenge is House Bill 5225 which eliminates the need for a pistol permit to purchase.  This bill does face some challenges but would open up and streamline a customer’s ability to purchase a handgun.

MIAFR held four successful informational meetings across the state, bringing FFLs, the ATF and the Michigan State Police together.  Meetings were held in Livonia, Bay City, Gaylord and Alto and were well attended.

The MIAFR (and this website) exists because of the support of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  If you are not an NSSF member I strongly encourage you to join.  They have a special membership offer that offers beginning memberships at only $35.00 a year.  It is a small investment to make to help insure that the rights of FFLs are represented on a national level.

Finally, the 35th anniversary of the SHOT show will be January 15th – 18th in Las Vegas and is a “must attend” for all FFLs.  Not only do you have the opportunity to see what is new in the industry, you can hook up with your reps, attend seminars and network with fellow firearm retailers.  SHOT University is held the day prior to the beginning of the show and offers a full day of invaluable educational seminars.

Thank you for your support of both the MIAFR and the NSSF.  By working together as a team we can insure that our retail future is secure and our rights uncompromised.

Yours truly,

Glenn Duncan

MIAFR President

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